Monday, December 22, 2014
Wilsonart 2012 Laminate Launch Woodgrains


9 New Woodgrain Designs

  • 7 in #12 Soft Grain
  • 1 in #18 Linearity
  • 1 in #07 Textured Gloss
Woodgrains continue to evolve in color and structure. Grey is a strong influence, and brown - especially with no or very little red/amber undertones - is important.

Structures are more linear. Grains such as oak are softer, less graphic and more sophisticated. Larger characteristics, color variation and unique features, like saw marks, add subtle, unique elements to interiors.


 7933K-07 Cafelle

Straight-grained Oak in dark chocolate


 7968-12 Loft Oak

Sophisticated soft Oak with straight graining in mid-light brown and a slight grey wash


 7967-12 Park Elm

This variation on 5th Ave Elm is light brown with grey and taupe undertones


 7964K-12 Skyline Walnut

Straight -grained walnut in charcoal with hints of brown


 7969K-12 Warehouse Oak

Variation on Loft Oak in mid-dark brown


 7970K-18 High Line

Neutral, straight-grain structure with brown, grey, taupe accent


 7965-12 Walnut Heights

Predominately straight grain with partial cathedrals and an update brown


7966K-12 5th Ave Elm

Subtle, planked, straight-grain Elm with cross-grain saw marks


 7971K-12 Uptown Walnut

Traditional cathedrals with large features, eclectic color play of amber, light brown, grey and taupe.

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