Friday, December 19, 2014
Wilsonart 2012 Laminate Launch Abstracts & Solids

1 New Solid Design

  • Coffee Bean in #60

16 New Abstract Designs

  • 12 in #38 Matte
  • 3 in #18 Linearity
  • 1 in #55 HD

Abstracts can come from many sources of inspiration and fill a variety of needs in the market. Trends of Industrial Chic, What's Old is New Again all helped form these designs.

Take a walk through an urban landscape where many of these motifs can be spotted in layered color, materials and design elements. That's "tessellation" at work !

  • Fizz is a playful geometric pattern of layered circles, such as those found in a puddle or a glass of sparkling water
  • A retro Friday night outing might might find Midway, Pinball & Arcade, with their 80s nostalgia and the pattern of brick-paved streets
  • Some of the best abstracts are loke chameleons. That's Strandz. Sort of like wood but not.....
  • Linen could be considered optical solids, but you can still see the subtle texture from a distance
  • Cotton is a true abstract with soft, non-directional design. The slight sheen from pearl inks correlate to the sheen of a cotton sheet.


D495-60 Coffee Bean

A strong, dark chocolate brown solid that was an immediate hit



 4934-38 Aqua Fizz

Mid-tone blue filed with light blue and graphite


 4937-38 Pinball

Bright white field with clean white and grey lines



 4940K-18 Astro Strandz

Taupe background with mid-toned grey lines


 4943-38 Classic Linen

Taupe field with lighter taupe warp and weft


 4946-38 Natural Cotton

Light brown with subtle grey


 1869K-55 Salentina Argento

Agento means "Silver" and this Argento is sister to the Salentina series introduced in 2011. The weathered metal look is reminiscent of a zinc countertop


 4935-38 Berry Fizz

Sunset purple with light purple and graphite


 4938-38 Arcade

Charcoal background with black, grey and off-white geometry


 4941K-18 Cosmic Strandz

Dark grey field with light grey converging lines


 4944-38 Casual Linen

Brown field with lighter brown warp and weft


 4947-38 Raw Cotton

Taupe with grey and brown features


 4933-38 Cream Fizz

Neutral field with light and dark brown. A geometric pattern of layered circles, such as thise found in puddle or a glass of sparkling water.


 4936-38 Midway

Neutral brown field with white and brown geometry


 4939K-18 Vapor Strandz

White field with light grey converging lines



 4942-38 Crisp Linen

Neutral field with crisp white warp and weft "threads"


 4945-38 Organic Cotton

Low contrast white-on-white with soft grey

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