Sunday, December 16, 2018
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Open Accounts
Our standard terms are Net 30 days and are offered to commercial accounts who complete a credit application and whose past credit history and security warrant open account status.

Credit Lines
Credit lines are determined by our Credit Department based upon the line requested as well as the size of credit lines being successfully handled at the applicant's trade references provided on the credit application, as well as information provided by outside credit information services.

COD Accounts
Accounts will be opened on a COD basis at the customer's request; or when the credit criteria does not warrant an open account or when an account exceeds it's credit line or becomes past due.

Cash Only Accounts
Accounts are placed on a "Cash Only" status if we are presented with NSF checks in the course of doing business.

No Sales
Accounts will be placed on "No Sales" if mail is being returned; or an open balance has not been paid, (such as an NSF check); or an outside collection agency is necessary to collect past due balances. Only after receiving payment in full for any costs that are incurred while in this condition, will the account be considered for any other status.

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